NSW Workers Compensation - now SIRA

I am a SIRA approved psychologist. 


If you are referred through SIRA or ICARE there is no fee for treatment.


You may be eligible to have your sessions paid for under New South Wales Workers Compensation if you have suffered a psychological injury in the workplace.



You will need the following details prior to your initial consultation:

  1. Your WorkCover claim number

  2. The name of your WorkCover insurer

  3. The date of your work injury

  4. A referral from your GP or nominated treating doctor

  5. Written approval from your insurer to attend the initial consultation


An injured worker is entitled to choose their psychologist, as long as that psychologist has been approved by SIRA. 


Alternatively, some workplaces may pay the psychologist directly to provide therapy services for their employees. You may choose to discuss this option with your employer.